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Project Brief:

Hydro-dis is an Australian company that manufactures a unique Water Disinfection product that has various advantages. It is an environmental friendly product that is portable and requires no chemicals. In the summer of 2017, the Hydro-dis team traveled to India with the Australian Business Development Delegation. They were looking to research about the feasibility of their product in the Indian market.

Having extensive knowledge in the sustainability industry, we proposed that we would do the business intelligence research and then the required marketing activities. When we found out that the water quality in Rajasthan is a lot similar to that found in Western Australia, we were good to go.

Our team studied the product and we started a marketing campaign through social media channels and offline marketing.

Slowly but gradually, we started generating interest in the product.

To this date, we have had various leads generated and Hydro-dis has several functioning units installed in India and has also received recognition from various reputed bodies such as the CII.

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